Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What's Normal Anyway? - Miguel

Life is so damn weird. I constantly find myself asking "What is my life?" and consistently catch myself in weird situations where it is borderline awkward, funny and a slight chance of me in a state of confusion. I can plan a day when I wanted to do absolutely nothing after work to only a couple hours later drinking some fancy ass lemonade (that cost way too much) at a brownstone that was once a funeral home (that was creepy yet beautiful), and then somehow ended up eating cereal on the steps of Union Square with my roomate closer to midnight. True story and it was on a Monday with five hours of sleep after my weekend trip from Vegas. Which I didn't know how I was even invited to. 

But that's the kind of stuff that keeps me alive. Even if I walk around with a question mark above my head 80% of the time. Living in New York City made me embrace spontaneity even more than I ever had. Because when New York throws you a curve ball, best believe you are in for a ride and that you would be utterly surprised, inspired, or weirded out.

Normality and routine bores me and this is the life that I signed up for.  But, what's normal anyway?

Bebe Vest | Urban Outfitters Ribbed Crop Top | Mango Shorts | Call It Spring Heels

Photos by Marcus Lloyd

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