Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Babes at 6B | Goes to Hawaii

The Babes at 6B did a spiritual cleansing in Hawaii, because where the hell else would you rather do that? We ate like Queens, learned roads around the island, searched for sea turtles (failed), brought home too much sand (and in the underpants), talked to too many strangers (all good & lovely freakin people), climbed a volcano (we can climb anything now), and saw freakin' Rick Ross. I know, whut that's random?! Like, why is he in Hawaii?

Watch our homemade and edited (Thanks, Chris!) SnapChats by Lynn from our trip to Hawaii. A trip I will never ever fuckin' forget.

Mahalo, babes!

Babe: Lynn Kim Do of Neckbreakin' Style

Edit: Chris Payne

Filmed via Snap Chat (P.s. Should totally sponsor us because we think we're hilarious. Maybe.)

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