Monday, September 14, 2015

Simple Things | NYFW #1

Photos by Marcus Lloyd

Simple and safe.  May it be related to the clothes I wear, the food I plan to demolish or the pending mistakes I'm about to make - I always either go zero or to 100. There's just no mediocrisy, no half-ass and no in-between. These two words are my daily struggle and a reminder to never be boring.

Should I wear all black? Fcuk that...Give me that burnt orange dress.

Should I have that side of fries with that gross amount of cheese on top? Life is too short! Eat everything. Wilt in pain later.

Should we walk into a stranger's home ontop of the hill 1000 miles away from home? Well, there's free booze and a sick view! Why the heck not. (Note: I am not advising you to do that. We were just lucky we had the best time of our lives...)

You get the point. As I was dressing for my first few shows of New York Fashion Week, I quietly chant, "Simple is more" and sometimes I agree. Other times, I'd say to hell with it and wear a white shirt, no bra, on a rainy day in the most sophisticated skirt and cape. 

Sorry Bebe Babes, you'd probably wasn't expecting this kind of styling! But I love the ensemble and I hope I did you guys good with a "simple" twist.

| Wearing Bebe Fall's collection |

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