Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hello, Sorry.

Photos by Justin Pizzi

Let's talk about heart break. The big kind, one of which includes a break up; the small kind, one of which includes an argument with a close friend; lastly, to be light-hearted, the kind of heart break you get when you offer someone food out of manners and they accept - All commonly connected to an utterly and devastating feeling of disappointment. You are disappointed in yourself, in someone else, in the situation at hand and how it is being dealt with. How and why the fuck did you get yourself in this situation? How will you get out of it? How many apologies do you have to give in order to make it right again? The answer is: Shit happens, now you have to deal with it. Second, you can never apologize enough. And it's okay. I've learned that it'll be okay. Even though I feel the opposite of "Okay".  Great, I'm freakin' the hell out. 

Hearts are broken because you've broken boundaries, you've broken your promise, you've broken trust. Even if it wasn't your intention or were even aware of it, you've broken the barrier that once made your relationship so strong. Now it has been tampered; The walls just gotten weaker. It's only a matter of time before the water starts leaking and evenutally the shell of the barrier breaks. Now it's you and this other person with each other's heart in your hand. How can you both put the pieces together? Is there a chance to?

What I do know is that I am only human. This heart break is a human feeling. I guess it's normal to feel the brewing black gunk in the pit of your stomach latching onto the inside of your body, seeping into your blood stream. You're now an emotional wreck. But you need to get your shit together. Funny thing is, it really makes you feel alive if you think about it. What it's like to feel with your whole being. And I am not perfect, I make mistakes. I can be dumb as shit and make dumb decisions. I can say foolish things and bite my tongue later. I can be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But I feel if you take one step at a time, talk it out, listen, and acknowledge the ugliness of the situation, it'll work out. 

And if it doesn't, I guess that's just how it has to be. Thank the heavens there's people you can fall back on, like, Ben & Jerry. And possibly Mr. Jack Daniels - no one's judging. And in the end, your mistakes does not make you a bad person. You're just being...human.

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