Friday, October 16, 2015

Schoolin' Life

Photos by Justin Pizzi

I've been in contact with a very famous Science Guy for a campaign we've been working on for a couple months now. Hint: He shows up on your TV throughout your childhood wearing a blue lab coat, bow ties, and screams science things at you. Real talk, I didn't know english well back then so I can't even tell you what I've learned but I enjoyed his shows.

In one meeting we had with him, he pulled out an insane gadget and schooled us on gravity... on a Monday morning....before my cup of coffee. It had nothing to do with bow ties. I don't even know how bow ties made him think of spinning a cup full of HOT coffee in the air on this instrument that wasn't even relatable to what we were talking about. And, does he carry this thing around with him all the time? Whatever, I dig it. 
Recently at a photoshoot, he pulled out a science flask and taught us why it was called so. Not quite sure if I will need the info in my everyday life, but if I was held at gun point and was asked to explain the difference between a beaker and a flask, I got that shit on lock down. 

It's refreshing. It's inspiring. It made me very nostalgic being in a room with this gentleman that had shaped a whole generation (and then some) with science knowledge and made it fun. How awesome is it to be standing in the same room as a man who taught so many young minds on things other people could care less about? And he does it with a smile and for laughs because science rules (another hint) and it's not always serious. 

And we tend to forget that when you become an adult. Learning is no longer fun. Sometimes things need to be learned, things need to be done and you need to be relatable. Or simply, there's no time to be curious about other things beside what's within your work field. And he was a reminder that we are surrounded by a great amount of successful experiments. From the moon and the stars to the very atoms that make up our body. It's a bigger world out there when you look up from your emails and your Instagram feed. And it took this man to bring out the nerd in me and remind me that the world we live in is truly incredible. 

So stop fucking the planet up. Please and thank you. xx

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