Saturday, November 21, 2015

Babes at 6B ft. trèStiQue

Ever wonder why it take girls so long to get ready? This video should explain it....

Babes at 6B plays with trèStiQue for the very first time in this video and you could tell how much fun we were having. I love the packaging. Fun fact: I'm a sucker for packaging. You can pretty much sell me anything if it looks pretty. Not only are these products convenient, they are easy to travel with and doesn't take too much space in my New York apartment. 

I am in love with the eye shadows and concealer pen. It is pure magic and makes it easier for me to apply to my tiny little Asian face. I can easily get tiny corners with a concealer and basically, "draw my face on".

So, we present to you, trèStiQue!! Thanks for coming into our lives. You were so much fun to play with...and dance with.

Here is what we used:

Lynn -
BLUSH STICK - St. Barths Pink
BRONZER STICK - Brazilian Bronze
LIP (day) - Florence Fig & Rose Balm
LIP (night) - Belize Bordeaux & Grenache Balm
EYES (day) - Eye Essentials (light)
EYES (night) - Aspen Pine

Tina -
TINTED FACE STICK - Tenerite Natural
BLUSH STICK - Bora Bora Coral
BRONZER STICK - Brazilian Bronze
LIP (day) - Nantucket Nude & Muscal Blanc Balm
LIP (night) - Chile Red & Sangiovese Balm
EYES (day) - Venetian Gold
EYES (night) - Kona Coffee
PENCIL - Swiss Chocolat Pencil
BROW - Espresso

Find their products here -

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