Friday, December 4, 2015

In Support Of: Patterns

Photos by Erika Dickstein

It's funny when my real 9-5 job requires me to make real business decisions that can affect the company as a whole - yet, I am super indecisive in my personal life. I can barely make up my mind on what to eat for lunch. I get into this mind overdrive and list all the different ways it can go wrong or right. What can I benefit from each of my decision choices? What to do when you have multiple GREAT choices and you have to choose one? The pressure makes me sweat. You can only imagine when I was younger reading those damn Goosebumps books where I have to pick my fate after every chapter. After I made my decision, in my little young head, I swore I picked my death and will most likely get eaten by a clown or some shit when I turn the page. That scarred me. I stopped reading those books and stuck to watching them on TV instead. 

Fast forward to big girl blogger problems, I was told to put together a pattern outfit. Cue anxiety attacks. I was put in the dynamic In Support Of boutique with a mission to mix patterns for our second portion of the shoot. Lynn watched me paced back and forth in this shop that's the size of my New York apartment for almost 45 minutes. At one point, she'd even offered to help me. I love her to death, but this is my own battle and I can for sure put together something cool. Also, I have an ego where I don't want help - but I truly sincerely appreciate the gesture. So, back to pacing back and forth fighting my inner demons.

If anything, I was more worried about not representing In Support Of well. I didn't want to disappoint. Each piece were created by different designers who had worked hard on their product. And I for sure, do not want to screw them over. At one point, I had to tell myself to fcken relax. I'm good at this. Shit, I've been dressing myself for years, what difference is this task? Yeah, I don't mix patterns - I'm more of a solids kinda girl but this was suppose to be fun. Who cares if it doesn't make sense. And so, I picked up pieces that I would normally wear and boom - magic. This ordeal alone proved to me once again you can truly wear anything you want if you feel comfortable and confident in it. Except Ugg boots, I'm a bit conflicted with that. 

Babes:  Lynn of Neckbreakin' Style and Aileen of The Style Boro
Wearing pieces from In Support Of

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