Sunday, January 17, 2016

ic! (you), Berlin

feat. ic! Berlin, Katharina L. Sunglasses 
Photos: Justin Pizzi

I recall a friend of mine asking, "Don't you have enough sunglasses?" My eyes widened up and did a mental gasp. What kind of blasphemy is that? You can never have enough sunglasses - Just like how you can never have enough red lipstick or that dancing juice you swore you won't drink because you got work the next morning... Not speaking from experience....

Sunglasses are like masks to me. My alternate alias if you will. My blanket of security when I want to hide my look of death after I just rolled out of bed and must be in public. People feel a pair of high heels make them feel sexy and a pair of shoes is what make the outfit. I get that same type of feels from a sick pair of sunglasses. So you can only imagine the kind of high I felt when my new shades came in. ic! Berlin sunglasses are pure witchcraft with their sophisticated, sleek and futuristic designs. They look like what your everyday sunglasses would look like, except they took a "chill pill", upgraded on a level of sophistication, and now have become the cool kids on the block. So what I'm trying to say is...where have they been all my life?

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