Saturday, February 13, 2016

NYFW '16

For those who don't know me personally, I produce fashion shows and brand launches as my 9 to 5 -- So my absence has been because I was too busy being a robot slave to what was Men's Fashion Week last week. Too busy trying to catch my zZz's. And way too busy trying not to break down and cry from the stress. Alas! It is over and I now have my life back. The show was a success. I can be your friend again.

But with a blink of my mascara-dried tired eyes, it is Women's Fashion Week and I have blogger duties. This time of year for me is hectic, chaotic, tiresome, inspirational and most picture worthy. This is why we are in the fashion industry for. To test the limits of our perseverance in heels, to meet other creative minds, to get inspired over and over again, all while sipping champagne with your fashion besties and stuffing your face with as many h'orderves as you can. If you're attending shows this season, try to catch me at the banquet table!

Pictures shown from the Marcel Ostertag's show.
Thanks for capturing some sickass photos of me and my babes xx

Babes: Lynn from Neckbreakin' Style and Mai from Little Mai Sunshine

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