Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Post Your Feels

Photos by Justin Pizzi

One morning after I hauled my ass to work, avoided getting hit by a Citi Bike and chugged my cup of coffee, I got a text from an amazing woman I had the pleasure to meet this year. Everything about this lady is truly inspiring and her work is so organic, real, and truly mesmerizing. I admire her so much, I bought her art and everyday I wake up to it. This same beautiful lady's text on a mundane morning to Lynn and I, is of her praising us on how we had inspired her to be an even better woman than she can be, personally and emotionally -- not that she never was a badass herself. But somehow, in our own nerdy way through our virtual lives, we've added to that fire within her. It was a thank you letter I never really expected.

Quite honestly, I have no fckin idea what I am doing nor do I know where I am going in life. Spoiler alert: Nobody does. I just know that I am human and learning as the days go by. I know what I want in the moment and just move forward. I blog because I am doing this for myself. I have shitty memory. I tell stories, preach the lessons I've learned and post the things I like. Not hard stuff here people. And to be frank, Jean Rex has acted as my online diary. 

That morning text message really put into perspective that I am not alone on this journey. People are watching and are actually reading what I write. It is humbling to know that I can help people through my silly rants and all my adventures. Moments like these are reasons why I am in this game.

And I hope this babe knows that I needed her just as much as she needed me. xx

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