Thursday, April 7, 2016

(Not) Feeling Twenty-Two

Twenty freakin' six. A long time friend of mine texted me the other day - instead of the generic "Happy Birthday, you're the best! Let's get lunch! Haven't seen you in forevaaaa"- he simply just welcomed me to "the late 20s" followed by a winking emoji. I grasped my heart and let out a horrid squeal. Was the winking emoji suppose to make me feel better? The freakin' horror. No matter how fast his response was noting that we look nothing like our age, it didn't ease my dramatic aging heart. What the heck, I could have sworn I just turned 22.

But like a job promotion in the "life" department, I got another year down in the books and I've reached a new level of responsibilities. Being my own boss while working a full-time job, setting up my personal future, remembering to water my plants... You know, big shtuff. Big shtuff that is happening fast. Next thing you know, I'm turning 30. Dear God....

I am super excited. I am ready. I am nervous. I am on the verge of throwing up from all the emotions. I am super grateful having support from all of my friends, family, and friendly strangers. My heart is full and I am ready to rock and roll. Bring it on to my 26th year of life. Hoozah!

Persol Sunglasses | Mango Jacket | American Apparel Bodysuit 
Guess High-Waisted Jeans | Zara Lace Heel | Shine Cosmetics Lipstick

Photos by Justin Pizzi