Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wrong Direction

I made some serious life decisions lately and it has been quite a fun and eye-opening ride. This also resulted me in a phase where I am walking around with a big ass question mark above my head 90% of the time. So I turn to strangers, friends, stranger's dogs, and family members to help me find some answers.

I am prepping for the next phase of one of my life goals and needed to figure out my next move. Many gave me inspirational pep talks. Needed them. Others, tried and accidentally unbeknownst to them disrespected me. Hmm, insert foot in mouth. These people with great intentions gave advice in a way of telling me how to handle my destiny. How should I say this nicely -- They acted like a "know-it-all" and completely disregarded my own beliefs. This does not sit well with me as I'm the kind of person who does not like to be made to feel vulnerable. There's a difference between giving genuine life advice to someone versus forcing your beliefs onto someone else. Advice should be for the well-being of others whereas the advice giver can unintentionally try to convince someone that their way is the best and I will not succeed any other way -- And if the listener respectfully disagrees they are called weak, guarded, and worst of all, safe. Fkin cringe.

I am not weak. Nor am I safe. I also don't make impulse decisions without thinking of my well-being first and foremost. Although the intentions of the giver was good, they've neglected to understand that they have no idea what I've been through. What got me to this point. What I hold as priority. And most importantly, what is right for me. No one knows what I need besides myself. I'm not saying all advice is ill willed. We all need some help and words of wisdom from time to time. I'm just saying, you take what you need and you make sure that it is best for you. Does it sit peacefully in your conflicted heart? Does it make sense to you? You will encounter individuals who think they know how to handle your fate. In all honesty, unless they have experienced it or understand you truly, their words can mean total sh*t. So you just nod your head, smile, and move along.

So listen. Receive advice. Even the "tough love" advice because you know you need it. But remember in the end, you know what's right and what's wrong for you. 

And absolutely take no sh*ts from anyone.

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