Thursday, June 23, 2016

Azores Diary, Pt. 1 : Level Up

Photos by Justin Pizzi

I flew to Azores, Portugal in my beat up sneakers, with a sinus headache and this was what that magical island confirmed for me: 

If life's a video game, it is safe to say I have reached the next level with my pack on my shoulders containing previously gained mushrooms and stars that represents my knowledge and will act as my aid when I struggle. They will help me beat a newer and bigger boss. This said boss will be a character that represents the side of myself who needs to get her shit together. 

My priorities are a lot different now. They are not the same as they were 6 months ago. I am on the level where every move is my future and an investment. Every single movement and energy holds a strong force and purpose. I am basically saying, I am no longer taking bullshi* from anything or anyone. I simply do not have the time. 

It's been said before but let me tell you why this time is different. 

I am no longer thinking just for myself. I am thinking for my future kids. I am thinking for my boyfriend whom I plan on spending the rest of my life with. I am thinking for my family, his family and how I can support them. I am no longer living just for myself. My happiness, health, and well-being play as my life line in this game - I need to stay in the green and at 100% in order to fulfill my quest. 

How to stay in the green? I've distant myself from people who drain me emotionally and negatively. As the times change me, so do others.  I spend my time with people who makes me laugh. I've reconnected with people who were there since day one. I've taken on more responsibilities to make sure I am set up financially. I've sacrificed sleep and my free time doing so. 

As I settled these thoughts in my aging heart, I feel free. I feel blessed. I feel alive and refreshed and I won't tolerate anyone or anything that will compromise it all.

This was only day one on this green forsaken island. There were many other things that I've come to realized...

Outfit Courtesy of: Tribe Kelley || Hideaway The Night Hoodie & Neverland Short

Backpack Courtesy of: Fjall Raven || Kanken Backpack


  1. very nice location. I want to visit this once.

    1. It is BEAUTIFUL!! Take pics and share if you do :) xx