Friday, October 21, 2016

IDGAF with my RBF

"I surrender to New York"

Photos by Lynn Do of Neckbreakin' Style

You know what's funny about New York? She's like the crazy girlfriend you cannot help but to love and do all that basic love crap on a Sunday morning -- And you know she is batshit crazy. She can eat you alive and you will take it, you will accept your fate. It's because she is thrilling yet terrifying and keeps you on your toes. You'll never know when she will spit you out but boy, you will not give up without a fight to stay in the city that unfortunately/fortunately never sleeps. Kinda like the Rihanna in "We Found Love" music video. Side Note: Still a great effin' video.

Lately, I've been feeling her wrath. Love NY to death, but she exhausts me. To the point I have a permanent "Resting Bitch Face" without even realizing it. That is my face. I cannot help it. It's not Maybelline, I was just born with it.

But all New Yorkers recognize this. 'Cause we all go through it. It's to the point where even strangers can sense it. I am talking about the time I rolled up to Pret a Manger for a simple yogurt, I was thinking about how I'd rather get hit by a cab then show up to a certain pending meeting. This gentlemen over the counter, from the corner of my eye stared at me, tapped his fingers on the counter and got my attention. "I think you need this". He slid over a nice tall cup of ice coffee.

I cannot tell you how big my smile was. Bro, if there's one cure for a RBF, that's coffee. Straight up, CAWFEE.

This city amazes me. And just like that, I surrender to New York and it's people.

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