Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Goodness Gracious

"Thank goodness for..."

Thank goodness for //

Wifi when it boasts optimistic full bars
Justin for being able to handle my morning farts in bed
The blood running through my veins even if I lack it due to anemia
My mother bribing me to come home with pictures of food
Ryan Reynolds continuously taking off his shirt in Amytiville Horror
External chargers so I will never run out of juice to continuously bother Justin
Kenny, our office building's doorman, for gossiping with me whenever I get bored
Google calendar, you're clutch as fck
My dad for stocking up the house with essentials so I can steal it
My brother for his dumbass hilarious videos of himself. I now have black mail material.
Helene and Rich for reminding me that I am doomed with their son and I should find a better Jew to marry.
NJ Transit...I still hate you. Not thankful.
Kat, my singing coach, for busting out in moves so I can feel comfortable singing at the expense of her dignity
Instagram for ruining my life and getting me in trouble at dinner tables
Spotify for keeping me calm and not lose my shit whenever I am stuck underground in a subway
Trump for revealing how many people in this country who doesn't love and respect one another
My ulcer, because without it, I would be obese
Hand sanitizers and baby wipes. Yes.
Bruno Mars for coming back with a bombass album
Waking up today

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