Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Dose of Ray

"My skin burns like crispy chicken.."

It takes a cold day for me to get all mopey and nostalgic for the warmth. Just two weeks ago, I felt my skin burn like a crispy chicken from the sun in Miami during Art Basel. Currently, it is 40 degrees outside when I was just in an 80 degree weather. So you could only imagine why I'm dreaming of soaking in some vitamin D. 

For obvious and scientific reasons, the sun makes me dumb happy. It acts as a fuel for my body and mind. I get inspired, I get creative, I get pumped AF. Something about being hugged by his rays energizes me in every way. Unless it's humid and my hair is out of control, then I'm miserable and just wants to get the hell inside.

And so, I miss running around in Miami surrounded by the buzz. The creations from art geniuses. Dancing with total strangers to Ms. Lauryn Hill and Nelly Furtado. Watched A$AP Rocky (I still don't know what I watched). Drank fancy champagne at Pierre Jouet and played with Paper Magazine for H&M.

Oh man. Is it summer yet? Thanks for treating me so well Art Basel 2016. See ya next year.

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