Thursday, January 19, 2017

Death Trap

"Being healthy with the weak"

Visuals by @Germaine_Alvarado

"Life is too short" has got to the be most cheesiest yet the most realest single phrase known to a ten year old. I can't help but to roll my eyes with a smirk whenever this statement is used as a comforting support to a seemingly trivial dilemma. But this time around, the one-liner hit uncomfortably and too closely to home. It carried a heavier and darker meaning. I will be going to my second funeral this Sunday within a month of loved ones due to cancer. It's that easy. It's unexpected. And it happens really freakin' fast -- and to anyone.

Something about being healthy with the weak. Something about being able to walk away from the standstills. Something about saying goodbye to the silent. 

Something about remembering what it's like when everything was alright. It makes you just shut yourself out and think: Damn, we're really fragile, and sh.t just happens without any warning or explanation. And within that moment, you realize - even if it's for a short bit - that your everyday problems does not compare to anything when you're facing death. 'Cause that's something you can't fix.

So as I am facing family with tear stroked faces and memories spilling out from our hearts, I am constantly reminding myself that Jay Z was a genius and freakin' right, "you got one life to live". This is it and all you've got. Don't waste it being unhappy and to just simply live your life. Love your life. And be the best version of yourself as you can be. 

Because life is too short.

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  1. You are one strong chick and I'm sorry to read about your losses. I send you lots of love and positive vibes.