Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Peruvian (E)Scapes

"Adventure aesthetics." 

I've done vacationing differently for the past few years. Instead of the typical laying on the beach, margarita in hand, sun melting off my face types of vacation, I've been going on adventures. Although, the melting off my face while indulging in liquid goodness is pretty ideal for me; I was set out to have the type of adventures where my Instagram can show the aesthetics of all those travel profiles you've been pinning and saving. Yes, that was the low key goal. 

But my ultimate goal was to have a humbling experience -- the kind that makes you feel small, the kind that makes you want to donate to the less fortunate, the kind that makes you want to spread awareness, the kind that reaches your spiritual self, the kind that taught you a little more about your limits. 

And I recently found that all in Peru. 

Stay tuned for my Peru series and hear how I climbed up a mountain for 5 hours and not remember ANY of it. 

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