Sunday, July 2, 2017

Alpaca My Bags Again

"Throwing up in the bucket nearest you."

First off, I'm going to make your eyes roll so hard you're gonna lose them by saying, I used to cross-fit. I know, I know.. but it was said to prove a point: I know a little bit about pushing your body to the limit. Like, throwing up in a bucket nearest you and "omfg I can't believe I just lifted a bunch of medal plates twice the weight of my body above my shoulders and were able to keep my mother effin' knees".  So once I've reached my PR (personal record), I dropped the weights and called it quits. I came. I conquered. I am fcken done.

I'm grateful for my best friend at the time who pushed me to do this madness. Because I've built up muscle memory. So yes, I can quit the gym for months, but when I get back into it, I get my muscles back a bit quicker. With that said, I like to believe I am fairly fit -- not 100% but I'd like to say 70% there.

But none of that matters when you're climbing up 17,000 ft up Rainbow Mountain. Or when you decided to take the hardest route through Machu Picchu under the unforgiving sun. It doesn't matter when you're so high up there in the altitude, there's not enough oxygen for you - you start to talk to yourself even more and hallucinate- even though you're already crazy before your trip to Peru. It didn't matter that during our insane, mental, and excruciating, beautiful 5 hour Rainbow Mountain hike, we wanted to roll off the side of the cliff to end our misery. We have come to realize that we ain't shit and that we should really lay off on all the ice cream.

Nevertheless, we did it all. We saw one of the Seven World Wonders and pushed our body to the limit to witness a wonderful natural phenomenon -- 'Cause God knows how much longer it'll last with the climate changing.

Peru, thank you for an insane trip that has put myself inside my own head. There's no money in the world that can help me know myself a little better.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Wearing: Scapes Forecast Tunic 

I die a little inside every time I look at this pic. THAT BABY ALPACA THO!! 

Rainbow Mountain, Peru


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. You must have felt so accomplished standing at the top. Though I do have to say that giving up on ice cream is never the answer ;)

    1. Totally! And I know on the ice cream :( Poor decision making on my part! Ha!