Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ring My Bell (Sleeves)

"Catch me if you can."

It's so strange that once you are out of school, what is a summer? Besides the obvious thighs chafing against each other in sweat and your skin melting off your face? I miss being free from responsibilities so that I can ENJOY being scorched to death under a hot sun. Doing absolutely nothing. No deadlines to meet until the next school semester. You get 3 months or so of just binge watching trash TV and just eat all the unhealthy shit you can get your hands on...

I mean, I still do all of the above but with bills to pay and a job to keep. Yuck, not as fun. For those who know me, my summer vacation doesn't begin until after mid-July because I produce fashion shows for NYFW Men's. And since that time is now...

Catch me if you can. I'm running away for the next few months to live my teenage travel dream. But not as broke since I am unfortunately now an adult.

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