Wednesday, September 6, 2017


*sobs in frustration*

Flicks by: Steven Chen

NYFW is here in the city! If I told myself 6-7 years ago that I could give two-shits about fashion week and have been skipping shows on purpose, my rebellious teenage self would roll her eyes so hard, she might have lost it and possibly call me an ungrateful wrench. How could you?! You worked your ass off to get to and kill to be where you are!! *sobs in frustration*

It is not to say that I am not grateful. Hell yeah, I worked my butt off and I enjoy the perks, parties and invites. Heck, I haven't bought shampoo or conditioner for two years! I've met so many creatives along the way. Been inspired many times over. It can never be repaid for the amount of experience I have experienced and I will never take it back.

But that's just it -- I've been there, done that. My dreams have been met, realized and now I am okay to let some things slip and not make a big fuss. 

Think of it as a life promotion. I still have the perks but now I can do so. much. more than just fashunn! 

Note: PR teams, I'll still show up. Don't worry (If there's food) :)  


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