Saturday, September 2, 2017

High Up

" I'm surprised I haven't shaved my head." 

Flicks by: Steven Chen

I have been feeling like I've lost myself and its been quite a journey slowly gaining myself back. I mean shit, if you haven't read my last 4 blog posts I've dealt with anxiety, delusion and deaths in the past year. I'm surprised I haven't shaved my head. Hence why JeanRex has been a bit spotty. I forget who I was doing this for. I got obsess with the numbers, the views, and the likes -- naturally. I forget that I was doing this for fun, myself, and because I have the freedom to do it whenever and whatever I like. 

So I stopped caring about my digital life (a little more) and enjoyed living in the moment like the good old 90's. Doing so made me lose so many followers, views and out of touch with my network. I of course panicked and went into an unnecessary shallow depression before I snapped out of it. 

And I have to say, I am mentally happier. Is this what fresh air smells like?!



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