Monday, March 12, 2018

Greece-d Up


If I die, I know my soul will make a pitstop to Greece before Heaven.

I can't stop thinking about Greece like a love struck teenager, who had fallen in love with a Greek God of a skater boy with hair made out of dreams. It has been 5 months since. Dramatic as hell, sorry. I've been to many bucket list destinations but Greece really took my asthmatic breathe away. My heart wanted to combust. It was gorgeous. The food was amazing. The city was lively. The land held ancient history within it's streets. The sea was majestic as can be. Greece was a stud. Freakin' in love.


Our first stop was Athens. The nerd in me from high school resurfaced and I have once again became obsessed with mythology. This city is as old as can be and yet it had remained preserved and adapted to the modern day. The sidewalks were made out of freakin' marble -- although, slippery when wet -- I am convinced the Greeks have the best balance coordination in the world. I'm glad I went when I am young and able to keep my feet on the ground, as there were a lot of rocks and slippery marbles visiting the famous Parthenon - a temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena.

Dear Justin -- Please build me a temple like the Parthenon so I know it's real. 


Took a ferry over the ocean to get to this highly unpopular island (sarcasm), Mykonos. The ferry ride in itself was quite an experience as we flew over giant waves -- I've never drank so much ginger ale in my life for a person with a strong stomach. The pretzels saved my life. 

But land-ho, we have arrived and my pants immediately came off. It was nice to soak up the sun and feel the sea breeze through my hair. I became completely smitten with the white exterior contrast by the wild flowers and colors of store fronts. In Mykonos, you could easily get lost in their maze like street structure, but it's the good kind of lost as you stroll aimlessly. 

Please reincarnate me into a dog that lives in Mykonos. 


Meals tasted better by the water and had made me obsessed with octopus -- I was going to grow tentacles. One of our favorite dinner was at the Instagram popular, Kastro's. It was a beautiful alleyway off a cliff into the ocean. I've made a joke to the waiter about how he probably caught my dinner right there by the water. He was not amused. It was also our first taste of Greece's sunsets. It was insane and cannot be unseen. But that wasn't even the best sunset of my life...until I got to Santorini.


Looking at these images feels like I've taken them off of Google, but honestly, it was surreal and just that perfect. Santorini is the most #nofilter place on the planet. No angle could be wrong. The lighting can't mess you up. That place is that damn magical. Instagram content for days.

Me at Santorini's Black Beach. This is when my hair decided to get those Greek curls which I truly adored.
Wine Tasting some of Santorini's best

My favorite thing about Santorini is the mystery behind it. It was said that Santorini IS Atlantis -- the Lost City. It was unreal learning about the island and what surrounds it. How it was formed around a volcano, how there were plumbing on this island when the rest of the world didn't even discover fire yet, how the people of this land had things that took the rest of the world centuries to invent -- you would start to believe it. Especially when you're standing at the highest point of Santorini looking down on the vast land and the calm sea surrounding it. Of course the geniuses of the world would live here, why wouldn't they?



My most memorable excursion on this trip. The Sunset Sail. I was told to visit Oia to watch the famous sunet. That's the place to be! But the thing was...everyone and their mother got that hint, and I don't do too well in crowds. So how do I get to see the sunset up close and personal without people pushing me off the cliff? Get in the water and sail to it. 

We sailed to the volcano and swam in the hot spring. We sailed to the red beach and snorkeled with the fishes. We BBQ'd on the boat, drank the best wine, and danced with the ocean to music. If a sea monster was to come out and eat me alive, I would be totally okay with it because I was blissfully happy.

And then the time has come. I don't ever need to plan or go out of my way to see another sunset, because I've seen the best. Pictures weren't sufficient enough. It was the "you had to be there" kind of moment. And I was so peacefully happy with sharing that moment with the love of my life and the 15 strangers that I've took a dive into the ocean with earlier. 

Greece was my late summer love that I would definitely go back for.

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