About Me

"Jean Rex (n.) -   the name of the darkest, reddest rose of all.  A rose that reminds me of a woman, alongside my mother, raised me, dressed me up, fed me until I couldn’t breathe. Her motivation scares me, but thrills me out of my comfort zone. The world she lived in was vibrant, bold, eccentric and surprising. But all so sweet, humbling, and uplifting. Just like a Jean Rex.

Tina Maria resides in Jersey City, NJ but works in this small city famously known as Manhattan, NY. Her sarcasm can be caught in both cities. Whenever she stops eating, she produces fashion shows, brand launches and coordinating photoshoots for popular brands. She is owner of The ESC Agency -- a boutique creative agency where she creates content, formulate brand strategies, manage campaigns for startup or existing brands that needs their creativity. Not all heroes wear capes -- they particularly just carry their iPhones. Also helps that they are professional brunch professionals and can take any food pictures you'd like. 

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